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My passion for chocolates most likely started as a child watching my mother and aunts make pies and cakes from scratch. There was no recipe, just a little of this and a little of that. There was nothing more gratifying that warmed the chambers of the heart than having a warm slice of cake or pie straight from the oven. I still enjoy it to this day.

My mission is to provide Belgian chocolate delicacies, which tease the taste buds and warm the heart. My vision is to act intentionally, support the community at large, and seek inspiration with my chocolate creations. I take great interest in making creations using sustainable, high-quality chocolate and fresh ingredients. My attention to detail, commitment to customer satisfaction, extensive knowledge of flavor combinations, and artistic background fuels my passion for infusing flavors and modifying textures to create unique chocolates and pastries.


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Toffee & Brittles

We have scrumptious variety of gourmet brittles that are the rave. These are peanut, almond, pecan, and pistachio cocoa nib all have that great satisfying but not too hard of a crunch. Our English toffee simply melts in your mouth having you crave for more.


We make our gourmet truffles using the best Belgian chocolate infused with a variety of flavors. They make excellent party favors or a special treat for self-indulgence. You will find our truffles to be uniquely rich, creamy, and burst with flavor. They come in various size boxes.

Gourmet Popcorn

We make over 13 gourmet popcorn flavors ranging from sweet, salty, to spicy. Our main staples are butter, cheese, caramel, and the cheese and caramel mix sealed in 32-ounce containers. Seasonal white chocolate is now available. Every week we rotate our remaining flavors. Shop our selection.


We make four rich and creamy gourmet caramels that are individually wrapped and packaged with our signature brown bow. Our caramels have a smooth mouth-watering texture with an alluring scent.

Printing on Chocolate

Looking for something different … we can print your company logo or favorite images directly onto coins, trading cards, and business cards made from chocolate for those special occasions.

Chocolate Bombs

Warm up with our hot chocolate bombs this wintery season. We have 13 irresistible flavors made from Belgian chocolate. Shop our selection.